Me – Michael Megel – am a Technical Evangelist with a strong background of Software Development and Software Architecture. I love innovations, new technologies and try to combine them to find new real world use cases for Business Applications.

Unfortunately, when you start with something new your learning curve is pretty low. I have learned sometimes you need a helping, which leads you in the right direction, give you some hints, and show you what is possible.

My posts and articles in this blog helped me to understand and work with new technologies like Azure, AWS, Azure DevOps, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, Internet of Things, Power Apps, Power Automate (aka Flow), Artificial Intelligence, and…

I share my learnings, code snippets, and demo’s “AS IS” without any warranty. You are free to use it and always invited to share your improvements if something doesn’t work as expected.

Have fun, try new things and #NeverStopLerning!