Alexa meets Microsoft Dynamics!

Alexa meets Microsoft Dynamics!

Sounds impossible years before but now such scenarios are reality!

I’m on the way to #NAVTechDays and I have some time to realize what I made happen in the last couple of days. I mixed several platforms and technologies to achieve to turn an little dream into reality. Yes, it is possible to use an ERP system e.g. Microsoft Dynamics by my voice with the help (a kind of magic) of the following items:

First, there is my little voice only device #EchoDot called Alexa from Amazon.

It can be extended by the ASK (Alexa Skill Kit) with some skills. The ASK uses AWS Lambda functions, hosted in my case by Amazon. Normally you use JavaScript and Node.js to implement such a skill – but I used the .NET Core Framework.

The endpoint of the skill call target to my Microsoft Dynamics 2018 Developer Preview running in a #Docker container hosted on #Azure. The developer preview contains an Extension v2 written in #MicrosoftAL with #VSCode and contains several Queries and WebServices.

And the result feel like a story from Star Trek … “Alexa, start Dynamics!” … “Welcome to your Dynamics!” … “Alexa, open my Sales Documents” and so on. The conclusion of the is I can talk to my ERP system, can get information and invoke some actions!

Thanks to all how made this happen COSMO CONSULT, Microsoft, Amazon the developers of VS Code and MicrosoftAL!

Finally, there is a very special thanks to the #Docker enthusiasts Freddy Kristiansen, Jakub Vanak and Tobias Fenster which gave me the last piece of my puzzle.

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