API Design for PowerApps @ Azure Developer Community Day 2021

API Design for PowerApps @ Azure Developer Community Day 2021

Power Apps are amazing! Any Citizen Developer can digitalise fantastic processes if they have the APIs they need. In my session, I show Pro-Developers tricks for providing missing APIs in Azure. Azure Logic Apps, for example, help me to setup quickly and with almost with no code such missing APIs.

But the complexity increases mostly during development. A single Azure Logic App suddenly grows into 10 or 20. As a consequence, my Power App has 20 custom connectors. This is usually the birth of a new API.

Another challenge for an API is a clean ALM concept with separation of development, test and production. This is where an Azure API Management Gateway is helpful to ensure the continuous development of my Power App and API.

Good design of my custom connector and Power App finally ensures environment-specific access to different APIs through configuration.

Welcome to the wonderful world of APIs for Power Apps!

Are you hungry? Join my session on 7th December 2021 at #AzDevCom2021 (GERMAN session)

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